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bruces preaches again. at reboot #11.
while some keep the line "take a letter, please!" alive at conferences, yet call it live blogging, others wait for the videotaping.

note-taking some times help to keep up with what is said, but i would prefer an interpretation, though. but that takes time.

"don't try to compete with the deaths in regard of saving energy", might be one of the phrases worth to consider.

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thanks to those kiwis and a viennese bird ...

By the garbled reportage, I'd be guessing some of those kiwis were having trouble with my accent. Here are the verbatim remarks. | What Bruce Sterling Actually Said About Web 2.0 at Webstock 09

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that's media

original and published version on bruce sterling. i thought ciberpais would have problems with the line: "just anything 'cyber', just the word cyber is very dated", but no, they have a problem to accept that information wants to be worthless. instead they still belive in the idea, información quiere ser gratuita. oh well.

no wonder about the topic: i don't think someone has to write about ciberpunks when writing about bruce sterling, but that was what they asked for and wanted to read. es lo mismo: periodistas son putas. if anything at least i could convince them by hindsight: ¡qué envejecido!

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