dijous, 6. de març 2003

i would like

to talk with the guys from the us patent and trademark office: after 1-click e-commerce they gave jeff bezos, founder and ceo of, the exclusive right for a 'method and system for conducting a discussion relating to an item. filed 1999. if and how it threatens ¿e-mail discussion groups? or 'any other web-based, bulletin-board type discussions about items offered for sale or items being sought after for purchase' (internetnews) needs still to be watched, but the question is out there. i am faszinated. someone has to give them a roasting, i guess.

'If peanut butter sandwiches were in the public domain and jelly sandwiches were in the public domain, you could still patent peanut butter and jelly sandwiches if you're the first person to make one' (e. kahn on us patent law)

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could someone please...

give me a patent for cars with fuil in the tank?

Why didn't somebode think about this. Everyone wuld have to purchase a licens or otherwhise their cars would not worke.

Oh, maybe there is a possibility to patent energy itselve or matter...

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the method of putting one foot before the other, vulgo walking ... and the clue, its functioning: sin aceite!

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i'd like

to have a patent on thinking. can i have it?

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mr. kahn or an epo nearby. as it looks like they want to go the american way: 'proposal to make all useful ideas patentable'. well, one way to create new jobs, i guess. maybe they will give themself a patent on that.

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