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looking at fundings and how an idea takes off i am wondering about one sentence, charles herzfeld said once:

You know, I used to say that ARPA was the only place in town where somebody could come into my office with a good idea and leave with a million dollars at the end of the day. And this is sort of still true; it takes a week or two now. (interview with norberg, 1991)

that was in the 60s, in the 90s people also had ideas and walked out of offices with a lot of money in their pocket, but it didn't help. so what marks the difference here? is it because the money came from government? was invested in visions and not in goals? - as alan kay suggests. or do you simply need 40 more years to see and interpret the results? did people forget in the 90s that it is all about communication - as licklider back then defined computing in his intergalactic vision.
bane of economy? competitive pressure?

reading latour's aramis brings some light into this. nice book!

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it is even more complicated

methinks, because it is about communication but also about many things else. My guess is that it is the overall cultural social political communicative interactive etc process with all of it outside inside upside downside influences energies love hate fun senses etc etc is what makes the differences, pretty complex, and: you must feel it while you think it and do it while you feel it and think it while you do it and write it and hear it and say it and read it and so on and on. Sounds like shit? Sounds like dazed and confused. Well, so it is. Busy, busy, busy.

In 1966 time was ripe for interconnecting computers that were not batch processors anymore. In 1990 time was ripe for simple world wide hypertext.

Question: Is time ripe for web 2.0 right now? I doubt it. some kind of web 2.0 will come, i have no idea when. It will be very much different from what its proponents right now think and the earliest possible version of it to work somehow will be 2.223.

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you know what it was: airforce. a byproduct for the airforce. i am not reading this out of the papers, but it is in there, i was told. does this make a difference. not sure. but it is interesting to read it from this side. at least for me, and right now, still a lot of things need to be confirmed. anyhow that is just one aspect. the others are - as you suggest speed and love and right moment, necessities and - hah - something to add: physicists. i think they also had a great impact on this as the weather guys. at least in europe. everyone who had to deal with a great amount of data and distances. doesn't explain the difference between 60s and 90s though ...

web 2.0? just another vessel doesn't bring me further. no. sure there was development - it would be sad if all the connected brains wouldn't be able to obtain a change over more than 10 years or so. but still too many things are to vague and just to label it new doesn't make a difference. but actually i am more optimistic right now, at least more remarks massaged my neurons lately. something that i was missing the last years. so well, i am optimistic that we are able to find new ways to deal with what has been learned over the years. if they want to call it web 2.0. oh my, i don't care. honestly.

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what i meant

a) nobody needs/desires a new information technology right now. too many active and energetic people desire success and money. Besides working these new media in terms of communication forms might be more important than tech right now.

b) i used the term web 2.0 as just a sleezy metaphor for saying yes, there will be innovation but exactly not in the form web 2.0 people are trying to tell us.

The airforce thing is interesting and might be true in the sense that it contributed to the phenomenon that visions and goals where not too tightly connected meaning "connected but not too tightly.

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a) who desires money needs new labeling. well so it be, have luck and find happiness, who ever falls in this category. i am happy to be able to pay my rent, wine, cigarettes - and ok, internet connection and books.
b) sí señor
c) i still need some answers for that ...

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so many many factors ..??&&%%

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