open source routing

to watch:
quagga, open source networking software
internet systems consortium
Open LSR: software and hardware.

and if indeed google is shaping the future of networking, as they build their own network anyhow, but the more important news here maybe is: they support OpenFlow.

is their a competition between stanford's open flow group, erisscon's OPenFlowMPLS, larry robert's "OpenFlow company anagran and others?

time to compare these different new protocol ideas and ongoing tests ...

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"what we need looks very different than what we got"

one week dedicated to the future of networking en budapest. john day, author of patterns in network architecture, provided the audience with his inside why things are not getting better: "taking crafts for science", "our idea of moving towards to simplicity is a simpler patch", "moore's law is our oil, it made us sloppy":

moore (audio/mpeg, 257 KB)

edit: discussion at tiny's place, who adds:

Moore's Law has forced us [society in general and the software academia and industry in particular] to decide for solutions that were mostly right but had no answers for a lot of important questions.

information from some other actors in the eu-scene, and the future as they see it: celtic purple book

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internet science

it shouldn't be about reinventing the wheel, its about to understand how and why the wheel was build in the first place.

it shouldn't be repeating ideas, but to understand where the ideas came from to question what is the trade off and their side-effects.

it should be about ideas to get new ideas but, most of all, to disseminate ideas, to spread the meme, as some would say, to let them merge into new and unexpected forms.

internet science should watch closely the development of future internet especially by asking the question: how to implement. as this seems to be the hard part in respect to future internet: one shouldn't underestimate the fact that in the european ppp future internet project the phrase "pilot case" got already replaced by "test case". the question why seems reasonable.

as in history of economics scientists already accept the value of analyzing single biographies and companies coming about, questioning old and once favored theories, internet science should not leave out this path.

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