what can be a digital landmark?
do you really need a "digital church" as orientation point?
there are enough tools in place to keep you on purpose.
what's the role of orientation/how to be orientated while sneaking around?

culture of drifting; ignorant activities
palpate urbanism; locative media
headmap manifesto, ~ ben russell, 1999: bookmarking the ocean

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navigation - a test

instructions are given by a map with route lines, or texts or with the help of photos with arrows:
the task: navigation through a suburb.

subjects using the map with a line made many more deviations from the route and made more corrections than the others. but on average the subjects arrived at the end point at more or less the same time. the overview presentation (map) did lead to less effectiveneness than the two versions presenting only procedural information (text, photos), but not to lower efficiency.

finding back:

subjects using the map varied strongly when they were asked to indicate the starting point; those using the text version indicated either too much to the left or to right (more or less equal groups) and those using the photos with arrows indicated the direction the most correctly and consistently. | presentation media for route instructions

paul mijksenaar, visual function

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aus gegebenen anlass damals märz,
2002 en barna ... |
by motzes (07/07/17 13:33)
rksv Bin gespant wie es
mit den Paragons nach dem 1. April aussieht. findet sich...
by Christoph Schachner (27/03/17 11:18)
stupidity revisited ah, finally some
parts are back: by Giancarlo Livraghi older version:
by motzes (30/01/17 23:18)
albots the difference of ai
today: authors don't hide that they have more questions than...
by motzes (20/12/16 09:28)
ai , via EPSRC
towards "social interaction": constructivist A.I. approach: replicode tutorial:
by motzes (04/04/16 12:37)
gut so! danke.
by motzes (08/02/16 13:21)
Btw heute hierüber gestolpert:
by tobi (08/02/16 11:47)
early devices and ideas nice
and humorous history presented by j.c.r. licklider in the 1980s...
by motzes (07/02/16 10:36)
paragon beim lesen von texten
von finanzbeamten stösst man auf worte, die schön sind, aber...
by motzes (18/09/15 23:07)
if-when, what-if there is a
so called "". done by human who work on machines...
by motzes (11/08/15 14:33)

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