just because there isn't such thing doesn't mean you can't have a word to describe it.


just because the word has a specific meaning to many doesn't mean it can't be used in a different context (aside of different groups)

public as in public procurement versus public at large
enhanced cooperation (decision by few, not many)
transparent proxy: we don't tell you where we send you

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big data

it's about people, it's about knowing where the data comes from, it's about questioning: again nothing new, but repeating circles. recalling first military simulations done by number crunchers. is there a way to move on, please?¿

"...That we are all sitting here today with one of the biggest technologies that we've invented, and were using it to solve trivialities. We use it to solve advertising problems, hypothetical data scientist pulling down information about a childrens breakfast cereal, measuring and constructing data to build models to determine the exact color of the packaging, the position on the shelf, and how much money we should charge for it. (sean gurley (01:58) | structure:data conference 2013
"Since you can't connect dots you don't have, it drives us into a mode of, we fundamentally try to collect everything and hang on to it forever." (hunt) | cia chews everything

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output per hour

some times one has to wonder what kind of stats are out there: bureau of labor statistics | us

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aus gegebenen anlass damals märz,
2002 en barna ... |
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rksv Bin gespant wie es
mit den Paragons nach dem 1. April aussieht. findet sich...
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stupidity revisited ah, finally some
parts are back: by Giancarlo Livraghi older version:
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albots the difference of ai
today: authors don't hide that they have more questions than...
by motzes (20/12/16 09:28)
ai , via EPSRC
towards "social interaction": constructivist A.I. approach: replicode tutorial:
by motzes (04/04/16 12:37)
gut so! danke.
by motzes (08/02/16 13:21)
Btw heute hierüber gestolpert:
by tobi (08/02/16 11:47)
early devices and ideas nice
and humorous history presented by j.c.r. licklider in the 1980s...
by motzes (07/02/16 10:36)
paragon beim lesen von texten
von finanzbeamten stösst man auf worte, die schön sind, aber...
by motzes (18/09/15 23:07)
if-when, what-if there is a
so called "". done by human who work on machines...
by motzes (11/08/15 14:33)

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