stupidity revisited

ah, finally some parts are back: The Power of Stupidity by Giancarlo Livraghi

older version: estupidólogos

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taking the past into consideration

David Armitage and Jo Guldi , Bonfire of the humanities
Public debate is afflicted by short-term thinking – how did history abdicate its role of inspiring the longer view? | how history forgot its role in public debate

at most universities looking back means looking back 5-50 years. Five, if you take quoted literature into account.

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designing gesture

The problems faced by gesture developers remind me of similar issues that arose during the early days of development of the GUI. Thus, in the development of the early Xerox PARC systems, when one moved the icon of a file across the screen to a file folder, it was natural that the icon would disappear into the folder. Similarly, when a file was moved to the trash, it was natural that the icon — and the file — disappeared from sight. But this movement principle got into trouble with the printer: Moving the file to the image of the printer caused the item to be printed, but it also caused it to disappear from the screen. Much rethinking took place then. Much rethinking is required now.
What gesture signifies copy rather than move? | donald a. norman, natural user interfaces are not natural

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aus gegebenen anlass damals märz,
2002 en barna ... |
by motzes (07/07/17 13:33)
rksv Bin gespant wie es
mit den Paragons nach dem 1. April aussieht. findet sich...
by Christoph Schachner (27/03/17 11:18)
stupidity revisited ah, finally some
parts are back: by Giancarlo Livraghi older version:
by motzes (30/01/17 23:18)
albots the difference of ai
today: authors don't hide that they have more questions than...
by motzes (20/12/16 09:28)
ai , via EPSRC
towards "social interaction": constructivist A.I. approach: replicode tutorial:
by motzes (04/04/16 12:37)
gut so! danke.
by motzes (08/02/16 13:21)
Btw heute hierüber gestolpert:
by tobi (08/02/16 11:47)
early devices and ideas nice
and humorous history presented by j.c.r. licklider in the 1980s...
by motzes (07/02/16 10:36)
paragon beim lesen von texten
von finanzbeamten stösst man auf worte, die schön sind, aber...
by motzes (18/09/15 23:07)
if-when, what-if there is a
so called "". done by human who work on machines...
by motzes (11/08/15 14:33)

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