"people don't talk in numbers"

karen spärck jones, the video/audio. finally.

what’s new about the semantic web? some questions, dec. 2004

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acm athena award lecture

today, in the morning, they must have shown the in advanced taped video of karen spärck jones in memoriam of karen spärck jones. so far i couldn't find a copy and the sigir farcast reporting is kind of mau in regard to content.

sigir forum
videos of information retrieval talks at the research channel video library (a place to keep in mind).

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in memoriam

karen spärck jones
1935 – april 4, 2007.

she taped her athena lecture, an award "that honors women who have made fundamental contributions to research" in foresight. it will be heard at the 30th annual international ACM SIGIR conference on research and development in information retrieval in amsterdam. (23-27 july 2007).

a short snipped of karen spärck about the semantic web, which she called a naive approach driven by computer scientists, who don't know what they are talking about. at least 2004, when i met her, she didn't believe that knowledge can be captured by ontologies; - and i expect, this lady and grande dame of the linguist society didn't change her opinion easily as she was a true source of knowledge.

universal character (audio/x-mpeg, 618 KB)

(i have to dig in my archives, as there was more ... things as the alpac report, alpac stands for "automatic language processing advisory committee", that killed research of the american linguist society on machine translation back in 1966, chomsky, the ancestor of systran and the like ...)


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