there is a video on entailment meshes from gordon pask.

pask and nelson were friends. the first one spoke too fast and was not always that clear what he meant, the second one named his project xanadu and got some credits. pask's name for hypertext was conversation theory, randulph glanville, one of his scholars, says.

there is a legend, someone was telling: nelson and pask were smoking joints. a reporter was coming in, i don't know which paper, something like nyt. and while gordon was passing away, not speaking very clearly anyhow, nelson was cristal clear. and so he became the hero of the story. there should be a picture of evidence somewhere ...
was told that was not the truth, so well, would have been a nice story, but isn't after all.

one line i will remember from paul pangaro goes somehow like: what we have now on the web is maybe communication but not at all conversation. but that is what gordon pask was heading at, already 1956, with his musicolour, inspired by

Lerner's well conceived system Colour Music (presented at the Soviet Exhibition in London, 1961), to the fascinating work of Nicolas Schoffer.

musicolour (audio/mpeg, 977 KB)

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next days

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gordon pask archive

the british collection has been transfered to vienna and will be inaugurated in novembre, which makes a visit of the institute of contemp. history even more interesting. as if they need any more sweetener: they already house the von foerster archive and a talk with the people there is always fun and rewarding. therefore a little bit of promotion: the müllers - not brothers - have yet published another book: an unfinished revolution? hvf and the bcl

it will be presented 11th June 2007, 19:00 at the Dept of Contemporary History / Institut fuer Zeitgeschichte, Altes AKH Spitalgasse 2, 1090 Wien.

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