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thesis since the 1960s within the EC/EU: it is easier for european industry to do business with the us than with their neighbors.

There are at least three hypotheses referring to the consequences of the trans- nationalization of production processes:
The importance of the nation state is declining.

a no-go within europe to accept and to announce in public.

The significance of the geographic division of the world into North and South, Core and Periphery is declining.

nothing to add.

A transnational capitalist class is emerging which transforms into a class-for-itself. | michael nollert, transnational corporate ties: a synopsis of theories and empirical findings, journal of world-system research, 2005

all intertwined.

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eu within security

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it isn't a miracle

reading old reports from the commission, many obstacles have been known since ..., well for a long time, and have been considered to be a problem within the EU aka ECC to foster the telecom market.

...handicaps which beset the Community: (as seen in 1983)
- compartmentalized market which stunt supply and demand;
- the uncertainty of carriers and companies over what development strategies to put in hand;
- weakness in the fundamental technologies of telecommunications;
- backwardness of less favoured areas in respect of networks, equipment, and advanced telecommunications services. | com(84) 277 final, Brussels, 18th May 1984

Member States at that time: Germany, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Denmark, Ireland, United Kingdom and Greece.

and who oversaw the process ...?¿

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