aus gegebenen anlass

damals märz, 2002 en barna ... | balcony

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airbag for the head

halsmanschette statt helm.

in aktion erinnert der "kopfschutzpolster" an die gute alte trockenhaube.

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SOPA – a bill, a strike

done at washington dc on the 26th of octubre,112th congress, 1st session:

<<To promote prosperty, creativity, entrepreneurship, and innovation by combating the theft of U.S: property, and for other purpose >> | 201110Sopa (application/doc, 213 KB)

antville will turn to a sopa information page tomorrow, and despite all fairy tales from the colleagues in oversea, a strike did happen before once: austria did turn black by the will of the providers. ~15 years ago. (that was before antville time)

InternetStreik (audio/mpeg, 1,286 KB) , done at .at on the 25th of march 1997.

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aus gegebenen anlass damals märz,
2002 en barna ... |
by motzes (07/07/17 13:33)
rksv Bin gespant wie es
mit den Paragons nach dem 1. April aussieht. findet sich...
by Christoph Schachner (27/03/17 11:18)
stupidity revisited ah, finally some
parts are back: by Giancarlo Livraghi older version:
by motzes (30/01/17 23:18)
albots the difference of ai
today: authors don't hide that they have more questions than...
by motzes (20/12/16 09:28)
ai , via EPSRC
towards "social interaction": constructivist A.I. approach: replicode tutorial:
by motzes (04/04/16 12:37)
gut so! danke.
by motzes (08/02/16 13:21)
Btw heute hierüber gestolpert:
by tobi (08/02/16 11:47)
early devices and ideas nice
and humorous history presented by j.c.r. licklider in the 1980s...
by motzes (07/02/16 10:36)
paragon beim lesen von texten
von finanzbeamten stösst man auf worte, die schön sind, aber...
by motzes (18/09/15 23:07)
if-when, what-if there is a
so called "". done by human who work on machines...
by motzes (11/08/15 14:33)

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