reverse "culturing"

the rebirth of stelarc in conference tourism. first in wolfsburg then at transmediale. the latter offers even more revivals. i think it's nearly ten years that kroker made it to a near by place.

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A la recherche du temps perdu

one is reading the zeros, the other one the ones, the 3rd person is a CPU ... | digital mapping performance

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when they talk about till i hear tilt

hey retailer, you can't tag an apple. you don't even tell me if the apple is mealy or fruity. right now there are just problems at the rfid check-out already when i buy too much liquor; what happens when i buy/use oil?

changes at the 'last mile': they estimate it must be a thrilling experience for clients if they do everything by their own. it doesn't mean any longer that i take a break to buy my juice, instead i have to learn how to become a cashier. their argument: speed.

scanning: two ideas that became reality: either you can do it before you put it in your trolley. as a surplus the machine will make noises and tell about special offers. that's costumer service. they don't to this by voice; something will blink or be written - as far as i understood.

others let you scan at the a self-checkout station. a metro guy says in his talk: it's faster. at the store tour, they have told us: no it's not faster, but costumers think it is, because they have something to do. well, that was a different manager. maybe they should invest not just in mgi but in inhouse communicaten.

i wanna have the one euro they pay their macjobbers before doing so. they also want me to write a shopping list, before entering their store and they believe, i will buy the same items every week. wake up: i am not one of your suppliers, i am a client.

if you use the e-trolley they randomly pick someone to be controlled. you don't see this in their videos because it always ends after their checkout points. they open my pack and rescan it. not necessarily because i fit into their pattern of thief, they like to put it this way: it's a service: i could have scanned something twice. thanks weirdo!

self check out station's are symbol of speed: no lining up. that is maybe true today, but if they have less cashiers, i am wondering if the old man still will have so much time to scan item by item as slowly as he does today. no comment. instead: people love it, it means privacy to them. it means self control. now people pay for their condoms, because they are not that embarrassed. they don't trust our cashiers. well i don't trust a manager who says: we are not interested in your data - by now. what you mean is: it is too expansive/expensive and complicated to do something with it - by now.

they are building futurestores, but they don't have a dream. i am not interested in more of the same (barcode pricing versus electronic display labeling). now i can read the nutrition information on screen and not at the packaging. great. and yes, the old lucent advert is there again: mobile device, fridge, internet, wifi.

all they are telling me reminds me of american diners: you don't bring us more money when you have reached the till, so we kick you out or you work for us. i have to try out what will happen when i go to such a checkout station and press storno: once, twice, siempre.

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