diumenge, 26. d’octubre 2014

heinz von foerster lecture, 2014

Bernard Scott
Beyond Dogma: Heinz von Foerster’s Responsibilities of Competence
Monday, 10th November 2014, 19:00
Universität Wien, Campus Altes AKH / Aula, Spitalgasse 2 / Hof 1, 1090 Wien

based on a paper from HvF, 1972 in which he calls "on cyberneticians to accept their responsibilities for the realities they construct and to use their competencies as cyberneticians to act for the good."

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history writing gerade
im ohr: ein interview mit verkühlter stimme. aufnahmedatum: 2016.
by motzes (30/03/20 15:42)
Nice Thanks for uploading this.
It's an amazing window on the early history of interactive...
by Kayla (01/03/20 15:51)
gibberjabber interesting, die eingefangenen bots
werden in ihrer wortwahl aggressiv.
by motzes (26/10/19 20:41)
rätsel Daniel Schwenter, Philosophischen und
Mathematischen Erquickstunden, Dritter Theil, 1653 |
by motzes (22/10/19 19:06)
forgotten totten as long
as the path also points to a forgotten. )
by motzes (12/10/19 17:38)
Spamstalgia I imagine there's a
forgotten server somewhere targetting Antville blogs, spewing spam for schemes...
by gHack (12/10/19 17:13)
i don't need to write
a word when bots are filling the comment line....
by motzes (11/10/19 23:38)
create a world from nothing
"The Unmarked State Laws of Form 50th anniversary conference is...
by motzes (10/08/19 07:15)
de nada.
by motzes (23/06/19 11:48)
aus gegebenen anlass damals märz,
2002 en barna ... |
by motzes (07/07/17 13:33)

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