dimarts, 7. de març 2006

one more thing to consider

in regard to the oil and iran discussion at p3k there is maybe one fact to add: already in the 70s the oil tie between europe/japan to iran was much stronger than to the us.
reprinted from east-west perspectives, journal of the east-west center, honolulu, summer 1979

aaron marcus and friends did this analysis back in the 70s at the east-west center honolulu; as a reaction to the energy crisis back in 1973. they went through a lot of data to find a way to illustrate interdependences in a short and quick way to help bureaucrats to understand by seeing ...

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history writing gerade
im ohr: ein interview mit verkühlter stimme. aufnahmedatum: 2016.
by motzes (30/03/20 15:42)
Nice Thanks for uploading this.
It's an amazing window on the early history of interactive...
by Kayla (01/03/20 15:51)
gibberjabber interesting, die eingefangenen bots
werden in ihrer wortwahl aggressiv.
by motzes (26/10/19 20:41)
rätsel Daniel Schwenter, Philosophischen und
Mathematischen Erquickstunden, Dritter Theil, 1653 |
by motzes (22/10/19 19:06)
forgotten totten as long
as the path also points to a forgotten. )
by motzes (12/10/19 17:38)
Spamstalgia I imagine there's a
forgotten server somewhere targetting Antville blogs, spewing spam for schemes...
by gHack (12/10/19 17:13)
i don't need to write
a word when bots are filling the comment line....
by motzes (11/10/19 23:38)
create a world from nothing
"The Unmarked State Laws of Form 50th anniversary conference is...
by motzes (10/08/19 07:15)
de nada.
by motzes (23/06/19 11:48)
aus gegebenen anlass damals märz,
2002 en barna ... |
by motzes (07/07/17 13:33)

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