divendres, 4. de febrer 2005

what a nice day

what a great book

'any single insect in a social insect colony seems to have its own agenda, and yet an insect colony looks so organized.' (preface).

not every line should be taken literally, there are some reading guides to keep in mind.

this book is not intended to provide the reader with recipes for solving problems. it is full of wide speculations and statements that may (or may not) turn out to be just plain wrong. this book is not describing a new kind of algorithmic theory. Nor does it provide an overview of social insects behavior. Finally this book is not a textbook, although it could be used to propagate our excitement to new generations of researchers.

an interview with eric bonabeau, one of the authors.

... The most amazing thing about social insect colonies is that there's no individual in charge. If you look at a single ant, you may have the impression that it is behaving, if not randomly, at least not in synchrony with the rest of the colony. You feel that it is doing its own things without paying too much attention to what the others are doing ...
thanks to the person who let me borrow the book, even without knowing me. nice stuff to read while winter impressions are sliding by.

and i have to add: the live and information exchange of bees is as interesting ;)

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