dimarts, 20. de desembre 2016


the difference of ai today: authors don't hide that they have more questions than answers.

albots: navigating the unknown.

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dilluns, 4. d’abril 2016


principles of robotics, via EPSRC

towards "social interaction":
constructivist A.I. approach: humanobs

replicode tutorial:

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diumenge, 7. de febrer 2016

early devices and ideas

nice and humorous history presented by j.c.r. licklider in the 1980s at an acm conference at xerox park.
Some Reflections on Early History by J.C.R. Licklider

34" about software: should be open and react to the user's needs. the valuable things of programmes is a very bad thing for users. it is never write it first, ... never improve it all.

time sharing should have been called time & memory sharing, and it was called memory sharing at the time, says licklider in the q&a section, which focuses on arpa's history.

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