dimarts, 10. setembre 2013
btw, europe has a story to tell
some european networking stories are set free over there: NetAffair

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Oh! Seit wann?

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am 2 september haben wir die site freigesetzt. zweckdienliche hinweise , eh schon wissen .. ;)

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we have a problem here "Thus, the gap between authoritative statements of technological impossibility and...
by motzes (23/02/15 15:17)
library nice collection at , university of helsinki
by motzes (16/02/15 16:15)
taking the past into consideration David Armitage and Jo Guldi , Bonfire of the humanities...
by motzes (08/02/15 14:39)
stupidnet Why the Intelligent Network was once a good idea, but isn't anymore. One telephone...
by motzes (04/02/15 14:48)
the parable of two programmers a story about the notions in programming to keep it...
by motzes (25/01/15 09:23)
right to repair or copyright ford versus autel |
by motzes (07/01/15 09:41)
copyright restrictions that are being applied to New Zealand public domain books once they have...
by motzes (31/12/14 12:15)
network effects let's grow-up! ross anderson, : where network effects meet public choice
by motzes (08/12/14 09:44)
oop alan kay about object oriented programming. I wanted to get rid of data, at...
by motzes (01/12/14 08:50)
drone orchestra , a film. if it doesn't work, take this
by motzes (28/11/14 16:59)

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