dimarts, 10. setembre 2013
btw, europe has a story to tell
some european networking stories are set free over there: NetAffair

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Oh! Seit wann?

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am 2 september haben wir die site freigesetzt. zweckdienliche hinweise , eh schon wissen .. ;)

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abril 2015
recent updates
arpanet revisited seems there are
more docs this time at the
by motzes (13/04/15 09:39)
machine à gouverner the
dominance of the machine presupposes a society in the last stages...
by motzes (11/04/15 19:36)
talking without listening ... only
leads to frustration. early telephone concepts played with the idea...
by motzes (11/04/15 13:15)
communication equals toasters ~30years later
replace communication with "social" & study the effects. 1. communication...
by motzes (10/04/15 10:31)
transmission media Ownership in every
major medium now includes investors from other media— owners of...
by motzes (09/04/15 10:45)
;) mach ma doch.
da schaut hier spannend aus. in alter tradition: ¡gracias!
by motzes (08/04/15 09:46)
Auf weitere 10 Jahre!
by tobi (07/04/15 19:36)
enjoy to read that stylesheet:
last update: 10 years ago. ;) das wird jetzt mal...
by motzes (07/04/15 18:59)
we have a problem here
"Thus, the gap between authoritative statements of technological impossibility and...
by motzes (23/02/15 15:17)
library nice collection at ,
university of helsinki
by motzes (16/02/15 16:15)

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